Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hey everybody

I have a quick update to what I've been using lately.  3 items:
1.  Oldie but a goody:  I have been using twitter to really stay in touch with my subject area professionals.  Following what really smart people are doing in there classrooms and preparing their students has really kept me engaged over the summer and I am sure will help me stay inspired through the school year.  Math people: @joboaler has some great tips!
2.  Evernote basically is a cloud based note organization tool.  Photos, reminders, notes, handwritten, and other apps that they make work seamlessly together.
3.  My personal fav....I don't know if it is new or just new to me and I have been blind to it in the past, but Google docs now has a basic,but usable equation editor!(so upon further Google investigation, I was just blind, it has been around a while....ahem more than 3 or 4 years ahem)

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