Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Exeter Conference

I just spent a week up at Exeter Academy in NH at the Anja S. Greer Conference on Science Math and Technology.  Exeter is famous for their discussion based classrooms, but the classes that I attended were much more in depth about problem based learning.   Providing rich contextual problems that students can discuss was the focus of how we as math educators bring our students to their full potential.

Besides a plug for the best PD I have attended, I was able to absorb some specific pieces of technology to help us with not only problem based learning, but giving teachers and students alike to make the math more approachable.

I previously used Twitter to communicate with students and share mathematics in a quick fashion.  I still will use it this way, but I also found very experienced teachers using Twitter to connect and share with other teachers.  This is an awesome solution to those who are struggling to collaborate with other teachers.

Desmos online graphing calculator is awesome.  Super visual.  Super easy.  Obviously it is a graphing calculator and we have tons of these, but there are many advantages to Desmos.  It is online.  It can be used offline.  It is FREE.  Students can save their work.  Students can share their work.  It is intuitive.  Desmos reacts to suggestions sometimes within 24 hours.

One final tool that teachers might use is Kaizena.  Kaizena is a tool that allows for teachers to record their own voice over googledocs that students have provided to their teacher.  Teachers simply highlight and record.

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